• Brazilian Curly Hair


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    Brazilian Curly Hair. There is no foul corn chip odor. This hair has NOT been coated with solutions. This hair typically comes in a 1b natural shade and can be colored to your desired hue. Brazilian Curly Hair should be left in its natural hair pattern (as pictured). Each bundle contains 3.5oz of hair. These bundles are hand picked 100% human hair that has been machine wefted and steamed to achieve curl. This hair will last for a year when properly maintained. Available in various lengths.  You are now in the company of celebrities who wear hair that has durability and is luxurious to the touch. Hair should be separated from the tip to the root daily with fingers. Hair pictured here is the hair worn as an install. Enjoy some of the best quality hair in the industry! 



    Prior to installation you may want to take extra precaution by sealing your wefts (not mandatory). It will eliminate shedding and add longevity to your investment.




    Finger comb hair from tip to root. 

    Always wash, condition and moisturize your hair to keep it clean

    Make sure you use a sulphate free shampoo (sold in beauty supply stores). Also recommended is Silicon Mix (sold in beauty supply stores) for conditioner and Protect The Pretty reparative hair oil (found on this site).




    This hair is 100% Virgin Human Hair. Make sure you wash the hair prior to install.

     Co-Wash the hair before making any color changes, perm ect.





    Use fingers, a Denman Brush and a large tooth Comb




    Use styling products that are gentle on the hair

    The products listed on shop.nycweavestudio.com are great lightweight products that will not cause a heavy build up.


    Always comb the hair starting from tip moving up to root.


    Wear your hair up when exercising 

    Salt water and chlorine pools are not favorable to any hair. Make sure you rinse your hair well and condition if you decide to partake in any activities that include either.




    Never sleep on hair that is wet. Generally you should tie your extensions up or sleep on a silk or satin pillow case. If you are wearing a curly or kinky type hair you can sleep with a shower cap and a bonnet covering that to keep the moisture in the hair.

    All sales are final and there are no refunds. Refunds under any circumstances are not provided. If there is a mistake with your order please text 9143300775. If a mistake has been made on the part of "Fashion | Hair Solutions" an exchange will be made.  Human hair that has been installed or altered can not be exchanged.